POST api/UserInstitution/CreateUserInstitution

Create a UserInstitution. UserInstitution is a user login account with an institution.

POST api/UserInstitution/CreateUserInstitutionWithRefresh

Create a UserInstitution and retrieve all transactions for all accounts under the UserInstitution. UserInstitution is a user login account with an institution.

POST api/UserInstitution/UpdateUserInstitution

Update a UserInstitution with new login information such as new username or new password.

POST api/UserInstitution/DeleteUserInstitution

Delete a UserInstitution. Note: all of the UserInstitutionAccounts under the UserInstitution, as well as Transactions under these accounts will be deleted as well.

POST api/UserInstitution/RetryAddingUserInstitution

Retry adding a UserInstitution if the previous CreateUserInstitution job did not succeed. Note: to avoid adding duplicate UserInstitutions, use the UserInstitutionID returned from api/UserInstitution/CreateUserInstitution to retry.

POST api/UserInstitution/GetUserInstitutionProfileInfor

Get owner's profile information, such as name, address, phone numbers of a UserInstitution.

POST api/UserInstitution/GetUserInstitutionsByUser

Get all UserInstitutions created by the current Sophtron user account.

POST api/UserInstitution/GetUserInstitutionByID

Get a UserInstitution's information by UserInstitutionID

POST api/UserInstitution/GetUserInstitutionAccounts

Get all UserInstitutionAccounts retrieved under a UserInstitution, e.g. "Primary Checking", "Savings" under login account "Bob1234" with "Chase Bank".

POST api/UserInstitution/RefreshUserInstitution

Refresh all accounts' transactions under the same UserInstitution (login).

POST api/UserInstitution/CreateUserInstitutionWithFullAccountNumbers

Create user institution and get full account number, routing number and account holder name, address information for all accounts under UserInstitution.


POST api/UserInstitutionAccount/GetUserInstitutionAccountByID

Get UserInstitutionAccount information by account ID

POST api/UserInstitutionAccount/RefreshUserInstitutionAccount

Refresh a UserInstitutionAccount to download transactions under the account.

POST api/UserInstitutionAccount/UpdateCheckImages

Update check images for transactions under a given UserInstitutionAccount

POST api/UserInstitutionAccount/GetFullAccountNumberHolder

Get account's full account number, routing number and account holder name and address.


POST api/Transaction/GetTransactionsByTransactionDate

Get transactions within a given date range from a UserInstitutionAccount


GET api/Institution/HealthCheckAuth

Health Check returns current API status. If returned value is "Online" API service is currently running without issues.

POST api/Institution/AddInstitution

Add a new institution if it does not already exist in Sophtron's institution list.

POST api/Institution/GetInstitutionByName

Get institution by given institution name

POST api/Institution/GetInstitutionsByUser

Get all institutions under the current Sophtron account

POST api/Institution/GetInstitutionByRoutingNumber

Get institution by routing number

POST api/Institution/GetInstitutionByID

Get institution by given institution ID

POST api/Institution/GetInstitutionDetailsByID

Get institution details including routing number(s), login form fields by given institution ID


POST api/Job/GetJobInformationByID

Get Job information by JobID

POST api/Job/UpdateJobSecurityAnswer

If the institution requests one or more security questions for authentication, use this method to update the job with security answers to the questions.

POST api/Job/UpdateJobCaptchaInput

If the institution requests user to read a captcha image for authentication, use this method to update the job with texts or numbers user read from the captcha image.

POST api/Job/UpdateJobTokenInput

If the institution requests to send a security token for authentication, use this method to update the job with required information at each step of the token verification process.